Artist makes travel posters for National Parks based on their worst 1-star reviews


“There are bugs and they will bite on your face.” — a bad review about Sequoia National Park

This is hilarious. Designer Amber Share discovered that there were one-star reviews for all 62 of our National Parks and decided to illustrate and hand letter travel posters for them “as a way to put a positive, fun spin on such a negative mindset.” She calls her Subpar Parks series a “snarky love letter to the National Parks System” and it’s absolutely delightful.

See the entire series on her Instagram, and purchase stickers and postcards (mugs and calendars to come) on her website.


images via Amber Share, used with permission

Source: Artist makes travel posters for National Parks based on their worst 1-star reviews

When NASA crash-landed a jetliner full of fuel

When a plane is in trouble, the pilots dump all its its fuel before making an emergency landing. This is controversial; though fuel usually dissipates before reaching ground, it’s a dangerous pollutant all the same and sometimes it gets dumped close enough to humans that it puts them at risk.

This 1984 film, of a test of jet fuel formulated to resist igniting, shows why pilots dump it. NASA and the FAA loaded a retired training jet with test dummies, then remote-piloted it to a crash landing in the Mojave desert. It comes down rough but stays in one piece as it plows through earthworks and obstacles. If it were out of gas, chances of everyone surviving would be good. But with a full tank?

Spoiler: the fuel ignites. As one commenter puts it, “proponents of antimisting kerosene did not have a great day.”

The test went generally according to plan, and produced a spectacular fireball that required more than an hour to extinguish. The FAA concluded that about one-quarter of the passengers would have survived, that the antimisting kerosene test fuel did not sufficiently reduce the risk of fire, and that several changes to equipment in the passenger compartment of aircraft were needed.

Source: When NASA crash-landed a jetliner full of fuel

One mundane trick to organize nails

In this viral footage, shot on a potato and video-compressed with a radish, the best method of organizing nails is revealed. I’m happy to take questions about the thermodynamics of all this, and I’m sure someone will eventually be along to answer them.

Some suspect that the footage is reversed; a commenter on Reddit demonstrated otherwise by actually reversing it (embedded below).

Source: One mundane trick to organize nails