Reductress takes on abortion ban with caustic satirical stories

Recent headlines from satirical articles published at Reductress:

I Believe God Gave Us All Free Will — Except Pregnant Woman

Senator Says the Only Acceptable Way to Kill a Fetus Is With a Gun

Life Is Sacred, That’s Why This Nonviable Fetus Should Stay Inside Me So We Can Both Die

Life Begins the Second a Girl’s Uncle Decides on Incest

Vice interviewed Reductress co-founders and editors Sarah Pappalardo and Beth Newell about their approach to covering extreme anti-abortion legislation:

What does humor add to this conversation that straight news reporting can’t?

Pappalardo: Satire allows us to zero in on the hypocrisies built into the pro-life movement and the political strategies they’ve employed. It’s a way to shed light on less-talked-about subjects […] and hopefully make people feel a little less alone right now. And they aren’t: Pro-choice people are in the overwhelming majority right now. Nothing that happened or will happen in the Supreme Court was achieved democratically.

Newell: We’re able to push the logic of these bills further, which helps to highlight their absurdity. I think we all get a little too used to certain talking points, even when we disagree with them. This is a nice affirmation to ourselves of how incredibly flawed they are.

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So scary

Every month I check to see what “National” days are coming up in the U.S., and I noticed that today was “National Buttermilk Biscuit Day.” (Who comes up with this stuff?) Anyway, it got me thinking about biscuits, and my reaction to them. And that led to this cartoon.

I know. I’m ridiculous.

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – Knock Knock


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