How to remember everything you read

Big Think asked Shane Parrish of Farnam Street to offer advice for getting the most out of a book. From the video (slightly edited for clarity):

Before you read a book, take a blank sheet of paper and write down what you know about that subject. You can mindmap it, or you can write bullet points. Then read a chapter of that book. Now go back to that sheet and use a different color pen and fill in the gaps: what did I learn?, did I learn a different terminology?, can I connect it to what I’ve already read?

Before you pick up the book for the next chapter skim this sheet. It primes your brain for what you’re going to read. I think that’s a really effective way to not only build on the knowledge you have but to connect what you’re reading to the existing knowledge. It’s going to show you what you’ve learned because it’s going to be a very visual distinction. It’s going to be a different color of ink, and I think that allows you to connect to the book.

I often do this in the jacket of the book if I don’t have a physical piece of paper.

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Five Slow Cat Feeders to Try If Your Furry Friend Keeps Throwing Up


Is your cat a monster when it comes to food? They scream at your door at 4 A.M. to be fed and then they eat so fast, you think you didn’t feed them at all? You’re not alone. Many cats eat so fast, and so often, it actually can pose a health concern. An estimated 60% of cats are clinically overweight, according to the

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The most dangerous amusement park in US history

Opened in Vernon, New Jersey’s in 1978, Action Park’s biggest claim to fame was the number of injuries experienced by visitors to the amusement and water park. Apparently during Action Park’s heyday, between 5 and 10 guests ended up in the emergency room every weekend. It was nicknamed “Traction Park,” “Accident Park,” and, my favorite, “Class Action Park.” Lawsuits finally shut down Action Park in 1996.

Learn more at Action Park’s extensive Wikipedia page.

Source: The most dangerous amusement park in US history

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